52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 1

For 2015, I set a creative goal.  Every week I'm going to have a new theme or subject to photograph and share.  It's going to require commitment, consistency, and creativity.  Hmmm..in hindsight I should have maybe called it the CCC challenge.  Instead I've cleverly titled it the "Candid 52 Week Challenge."  Yeah, I'm sure your minds are blown by my creative titling.  You see why I need a challenge?  

Week 1's theme was - WEATHER.  And thankfully here in Nebraska we've had a wide variety to choose from this week.  

One of my favorite ways to enjoy my morning coffee is looking out the back window at this pile of miscellaneous scrap metal and wood.  There's a good deal of construction going on near our house, which means there's also a lot of abandoned junk.  I can't even tell you everything in this junk pile or why I'm obsessed with it.  But I CAN tell you this won't be the last time you see it, or any number of the other piles of construction shrapnel in my hood.  

I hope you'll join me in all, some, or even one of these challenges.  If you do, you can share it here in the comments or on Facebook and just use the hashtag - #candidchallenge .  Until next time, my friends!