52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 3

Well it was Valentine's week and the theme was FLOWERS.  Can I be more cliche?  I promise themes are selected by random drawing! I wanted to think outside the box on this one and waited all week for the perfect opportunity. Guess what happens when you wait for the perfect opportunity?  You miss it.  It comes and goes and you miss it.  

Thankfully I had good old Valentine's Day to depend on.  But…considering I spent Valentine's weekend in a convention center (Kidz Explore) with thousands of energetic kids, I sort of missed the opportunity for romantic floral photographs.  So what does a good photog do when faced with a flower challenge and there are no flowers in sight?? She improvises!  The only thing remotely resembling flowers were these giant balloon animals.  So here it is - my balloon bouquet.  Yes, it's a stretch.  Next week will be better…I promise.  :)

Week 3 Flower-0285.jpg