52 Week Photo Challenge -Week 4

So this week's challenge theme was - FITNESS.  When I first drew it from my little jar of potential themes, I cringed a little.  A year ago I would have killed for this subject and would have had hundreds of ideas.  This year…post-surgery…and an extra 25 pounds or so…the topic was not as exciting.  But, we committed to 52 weeks of photos didn't we?

These are my shoes.  My trail shoes to be specific.  Still caked with some stubborn mud from the last obstacle race I ran. September 2013 was the last time I slipped my foot into them. The last day I went for a muddy run through the hills of Mount Crescent, IA.  The last day I was reminded how much I actually enjoyed running when it was on a trail instead of a street.

They sit next to the step in the garage as a reminder.  I still have goals.  My shoes still have a few miles left in them.  And this body has a lot of miles ahead of it!