52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 2

So this week's theme was - MEAL OF THE WEEK.  My Grandma turned 82 last Sunday; so Tuesday I went for a visit.   We had a glamorous lunch of leftovers at her kitchen table. But even if our meal wasn't glamorous, I love having that time with her and my Grandpa. That should be the picture I'm sharing. Do you think the photographer remembered to take a picture?  Nope, I sure didn't.  

Wednesday night my friend was hosting a surprise congratulatory dinner for her daughter who just landed an awesome job. (She also happens to do most of my graphic design work) I was so excited to go.  This time I would remember my camera!  And then…we got 3 more inches of snow on Wednesday.  Ice and drifting snow had me on lockdown in my house all day and night Wednesday.  

I was getting a little nervous by Friday that I may not have a good or even notably terrible meal to share.  Then yesterday, at the Grand Island mall, this little masterpiece presented itself.  I don't know if it was my extreme hunger, low expectations of food court food, or what really; but this meal was amazing!  Authentic beef enchiladas with beans and rice. Not over sauced and over cheesed like some restaurants.  Simple but delicious.  Thank you Tucan Express for this lovely meal and giving something worthy of photographing.

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