52 Week Challenge - Week 9

I love trees and typically the happier the better.  Yes trees can be happy!  If Bob Ross was still alive he would completely back me on this.  I miss Bob Ross.

It's a little surprising with my love for happy trees, that I selected this eerie looking sad-branched lady.  I was driving back from Norfolk last Sunday and as I rounded the corner it immediately grabbed my attention from a nearby field.  When I first spotted it, I thought it looked like an old woman, a witch maybe, bending over to touch the water.  So, I did a quick U-turn, and then another and I was parked along side the road staring at it from my car.  

Often times I have these moments where I see something as I'm driving and I'm called to photograph it.  But never…and I mean never…have I ever stopped to actually do it.  I'm grateful that this #candidchallenge gave me the push I needed to turn my car around.  You may not see the witch that I see but that's okay.  Because I'm always going to remember that this was the first day I stopped my car….but it won't be the last!