Happily Ever After

A vow renewal ceremony. After 10 years?!  I have to admit that at first I was confused. Why would you do a renewal so soon? Don't people do those ceremonies after MANY decades of being married, not one? 

Teresa and Bob were married 10 years ago at the courthouse.  There was no religion or mention of God that she could remember.  Well, since that time she has been baptized, had two children with her husband who were also baptized and their family is actively involved in their church. As their anniversary neared, it occurred to Teresa that she wanted to renew her vows in that church, in front of their pastor and God.  She joked that saying her vows in front of God would make her more likely to stick to them.  :) 


Although the intention of this ceremony was to include their children and religion, something else happened in the process. She told me that exchanging vows again has reignited old sparks in their relationship.  

I like to think that maybe those things that get lost over time in our day to day lives are brought to the surface again as you stand face to face and recommit to each other.  Teresa recommends that everyone renew their vows every 10 years…and I have to agree, although I never would have before. I am humbled to have been asked to capture such an important day.  Congratulations to Teresa and Bob! Here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

A dance celebrating 10 years

A dance celebrating 10 years