52 Week Challenge - Week 11

Legos.  Really?  Why would I put Legos in my little #candidchallenge theme glass?  I don't even own legos! Well, I didn't put it in there. Someone else did. I believe a rather funny recent houseguest did.  But, I asked for ideas so I accepted this challenge with a smile! I accepted it, bought myself some legos, and finished it about 45 minutes ago. Ha!

Close to a year ago my boyfriend and I watched our first movie together, "Dispicable Me 2". Ever since, I've had kind of a soft spot for those silly little yellow Minions.  They are just so lovable! And since I'll be heading to Florida with one of my bestest friends, Bonnie, next week; I thought this was the perfect set of Legos for this challenge.

Here's to first dates, beaches, best buddies, and those adorable minions!