a portion of each paid session with Candid Photography will Spark a session at no cost for a child with special needs or critical illness. 



Payton's Spark

The twins have always had lots of doctors and appointments. Then you throw in normal life things, and getting pictures done just wasn't really super important. The past year has been different. This summer, after 6 months of figuring out the details and finding a donor, my daughter Payton had a bone marrow transplant. We spent all summer counting down to different milestones - 5 days of chemo, 1 day of radiation, 1 month hospital stay, getting to go to her special camp, getting to start 2nd grade (even if it was done at home). October was BIG for us - Payton was going to hit 100 days post transplant (a huge deal in the transplant world), she and her twin brother Parker turned 8, and she was officially going to get the ok to go back to school! These days are such a big deal and different. I wanted to make sure we had some sort of record of them, because they aren't something everyone else has. The pictures came back, and were so good! I was sorry I hadn't thought to have someone there to take pictures on her last day of chemo, or on transplant day, or the day she lost her hair. But I am so truly grateful for having the chance to do these pictures with someone who understood WHY it was a big deal and who didn't bat an eye at my little bald head girl and her brother.  

- Amy Forsythe, mother of Payton & Parker

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